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  • Spencer and Kate - Burlington Engagement Photography

  • If these two look familiar it's because they are familiar.  Check back several albums on my facebook page and you will find Spence and Kate's "winter" engagement shoot, not to be confused with this, their "summer" engagement shoot. :)  Lucky for me, I love them as people and as subjects so doing two[...]
  • Russell and Lauren - Burlington Engagement Photography

  • When I first met with Russ and Lauren I was shocked by how into each other they are.  I mean they're REALLY in love and they aren't afraid to show it (in a classy way of course).  After our Starbucks date I went home and snuggled with my hubby because being around them reminded me of how lucky I am [...]
  • Mike and Lex - Downtown Burlington Engagement Photography

  • Mike and Lex are definitely one of my coolest couples of 2011.  It's kind of hard to explain, but they're just cool.  Like, they own beach cruisers kind of cool. We did their engagement shoot like a regular day out for them, finishing off with a bike ride by the lake.  I think I'd be good to give a [...]