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Brendan and Tara’s wedding back in July was a far cry from traditional.  It’s really cool to see different takes on people’s ‘dream weddings’ and these two took a very unique approach that I hadn’t seen before.  They had no wedding party, Tara wore a short dress, and she bought her shoes from a second hand store the day before the wedding. They used all sorts of random field flowers (including one or two of my very favorite yellow pom pom like flower ‘Billy Balls’) and they used vintage vases, paper plates, and ordered gourmet pizzas from the Pickle Barrel at the reception.  The hall at Old Fort York was the perfectly simple yet interesting venue for their DIY inspired wedding that highlighted the mix of the old and new.  The whole day was kind of centered around the fact that their wedding day was just another chapter in their ongoing story which I loved.  I really liked photographing these two solo well before the ceremony began as they were extremely relaxed and I think we were definitely able to catch their hipster chic-ness (which doesn’t always happen when the bride and groom are anxious in the flurry of wedding day commotion!)  So I hope you love them as much as I do and all the best to this kind, loving, environmentally conscious, politically active and all around super cool couple! 🙂

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