Paul and Natalya | St. George’s Golf Course Wedding | St. Nicholas Catholic Church

Paul and Natalya’s wedding was really beautiful for a lot of reasons.  1. They are both in the fitness industry so it’s kind of hard not to look stunning when you’re in super shape.  I’m jealous of Natalya’s posture which you may note in the photos below.  That’s what happens when you’re a yoga instructor.  2.  They had their ceremony in the same church that My Big Fat Greek Wedding was filmed in (the interior anyways).  It was so majestic and ornate and made their ceremony feel very thoughtful and serious…which a wedding ceremony is after all.  3.  Paul and Natalya were a perfectly balanced combination of romantic and silly.  I don’t take myself too seriously so I tend to mesh well with couples who are willing to be a bit dorky and have fun.  I think it’s equally beautiful watching couples have fun together as it is when couples are romantic and intimate in front of the camera.  They did both and were a pleasure to photograph!  So here is a wee snapshot of their day…hope you enjoy!  All the very best to the beautiful couple! xx

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