Kevin and Angela – Liberty Grand Wedding Photos – Metropolitan United Church

I’m not sure what Kev and Ang’s personal love languages are, but I certainly know which ones they projected strongly to others on their wedding day – ALL OF THEM!  Not a minute went by when Kev or Ang weren’t doing something for, spending time with, saying something, or giving something to someone important in their life…and it was THEIR wedding day!   They are 100% two of the most sincere and wonderful people I have ever met.  On their wedding day and since then, I haven’t been left out of their love fest and I only wish that I was half as considerate as they are.  Sigh.  All of this makes you not hate Ang for her amazing figure…haha. 🙂  She wore a beautiful Paloma Blanca dress – not that it mattered because she could have been in a paper bag and would have been stunning.  The first picture below of them walking out of the church is one of my favorite wedding images ever…I’m so happy to have it front and centre on my website and I’m sure it’ll be there for a long, long time.  So, I hope you enjoy this snippet of their gorgeous wedding day and to Kev and Ang…mad love to you both. xx

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  1. by Martha Smith on January 22, 2013  11:13 pm Reply

    Wonderful pictures of a wonderful couple.Congratulations.

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