Walter and Nastasha | Canmore Wedding Photos

I have a really bad memory when it comes to remembering experiences.  Although I can remember song lyrics and random facts from forever ago, when it comes time to write a blog about a wedding I shot, I can often only remember one or two things that stand out in my mind.  For some reason I remember every single detail about Walter and Nastasha’s wedding though.  Maybe because it was so unique, or maybe cause I just think they’re cool…I don’t know.  But what a great day it was.  It was a really small wedding with mostly just family and a few really close friends. Guests were instructed to wear bright colours and to be ready for a party.  Walt serenaded Nastasha down a tree lined path (aka the aisle) overlooking the Bow River while paper cranes swayed in the wind.  It honestly felt that magical.  Walt’s son Ben and Nas’ nieces stood up with them.  We wandered around the mountains and found photo spots that best reflected the natural beauty of Canmore’s landscape and they place they love so much.  We hit the skate park because obviously Walter needed to get some shots skating in his wedding garb. 🙂 Their reception was held at a small Spanish restaurant called Tapas that Walt and Nastasha also love.  As I indulged in the first of 10 courses I quickly understood why…the food was amazing and the Tapas style of sharing plates and conversations reflects them as a couple perfectly.  Each guest even received a hand written letter, message in a bottle style, at their place setting.  It’s not hard for me to say that theirs was one of my favorite weddings of 2012.  To Walt and Nas, Ben, Walt’s parents and Nas’ whole family – thank you for having me and giving me such a memorable experience as a photographer. xx


  1. by TKieboom on January 7, 2013  11:50 pm Reply

    Totally amazing wedding! Your write-up says it so well Jayme, it was so intimate and special to be a part of. Love you Nas and Walter!!

  2. by Michael Tigchelaar on March 2, 2013  1:44 pm Reply

    Ok I just love this wedding for so many reasons. First, the wedding itself looks like the ones I love to shoot, intimate and fun in a unique way! Great pictures! And Second Its in Calgary, maybe Canmore where I lived for two years and I think I see a picture of the bow River. The bride or Groom plays guitar and that's really all I did in Canmore next to climb when I was there. Thanks for sharing, there are so many things I love about these pictures!

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