Tomas and Tara | Guelph Engagement Photos

Gryphons unite!  At the height of the fall colors, Tom, Tara and I went back to our old stompin’ grounds – The University of Guelph – for their engagement shoot.  We didn’t intend for it to be an ‘alumni’ engagement session, but it kinda turned out that way as all of us went to Guelph (not together though) and there were so many spots around the city, campus and Arboretum that held fond memories for us.  It’s beautiful there.  Tom and Tara have a pretty cute ‘friends first’ turned ‘cat and mouse’ story that brought them together. Tom being the cat and Tara being the mouse 🙂 .  I’m glad Tara gave into the pursuit because they are such great people and are really great together.  Looking forward to the big day next year!

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