Derek and Jen | Flamborough Engagement Photos

What does it look like when a real dude’s dude makes his fiancé happy by participating in an engagement shoot, despite the fact that he thinks it’s rather lame?  This.  This is what it looks like.  Haha. 🙂  It really was ‘just for Jen’ that Derek would have ever even fathomed going to an abandoned barn to have a picnic and be photographed.  I’m laughing as I write this and laughed the whole time I edited their shoot for a couple of reasons.  First off, they are just really hilarious people so a lot of laughing went on during the shoot.  But it’s also really funny to me how Derek actually TRIED to get into it.  Tried to squeeze Jen and kiss her cheek and make her smile because he knew it was important to her to have these photos.  He probably wouldn’t want to hear this, but it was actually very cute.  And the photos turned out super authentic and true to their characters I think.  And Jen…well she can only be called awesome.  She makes everyone laugh and laughs at everyone else’s jokes whether they’re funny or not…including mine. 🙂  I’m pretty lucky to be shooting their wedding next year…I’m so excited they chose me.  So here are some of my favorites…hope you love. xx

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