Greg and Cass | Ancaster Engagement Photos at Sunset

This is Greg and Cass, and this is their warm, sunsety engagement shoot from earlier this fall.  When I first met Greg and Cass I instantly liked them.  Greg is kind of one of those smart, detailed guys who also happens to be handsome and personable (I know, right?), and Cass is super friendly and mellow, laughs at everyone’s jokes, and looks amazing without a spot of makeup…grrr.  We wandered no further than 5 minutes from their home in Ancaster  to do their engagement photos (which is amazing by the way!), and we did them really late into the evening so that by the end of the shoot it was pretty much dark.  I wanted the way that early fall night felt to come through in the pictures…everything was orange and pink and yellow and red like it was on fire.  After spending two hours with them I was struck once again, like I often am, by how neat it is that two very different people can compliment one another so well.  If you’re reading this and you’re friends with/family of Greg and Cass, you must think they’re pretty great people.  I do too.  So…I hope you all enjoy these warm and cozy photos on this rainy chilly day.  Happy Halloween!

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