Jessica and James – Ancaster Old Mill Wedding – McMaster University Wedding Photos

Who has square dancing lessons at their wedding?  Why, Jim and Jess do!  This well read, well travelled and well loved bride and groom wanted their intimate little wedding to be more like a party with their closest friends and family than anything else.  They demanded nothing but the best food, wine and port (hence the Ancaster Old Mill), followed by something fun for everyone to do (hence the square dancing).  This is also why they opted to do a First Look…they wanted to be able to enjoy the cocktail hour with their friends and family without having to be gone for a long time taking pictures.  McMaster University set the stage for the big reveal, and Jim’s reaction didn’t disappoint.  Jess looked so so beautiful…her dress with the keyhole back looked stunning on her, her hair was perfectly pulled back without being too predictable (hottest ginger ever!), and Sarah Smith MUA did an amazing job of her makeup, as always.  At really small weddings I feel most like a guest.  Almost guiltily so (I know, that’s not a word), as I spent much of the reception eating and chatting with their friends.  I wanted nothing more than to put my camera down and learn how to square dance too, as I had a secret crush on the caller.  I can say that because I’m pretty sure he was in his 70s.  So here are a few of their photos…I think they show exactly how the day felt if that makes sense.  Hope you enjoy them…especially you Jim and Jess…and we’ll have to grab a glass of wine next time I’m in cowtown.  xx

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