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My best friend’s wedding is here before your eyes.  Ok, we’re not officially best friends, but she’s a client BFF for sure.  I would call 99% of my former brides (and grooms!) friends, but Melissa and I have become pretty good buds over the last year.  She is smart, funny, sarcastic, fiercely loyal and really, really good with kids (including my Mr. Sully who loves her to bits).  I have welcomed her company and the extra set of hands in my disaster of a home many times and while Sully is napping we putz around on her photos, guest book, thank you cards and coming soon…her albums.  She’s all this to me and about a million more things to Scott.

Scott is the guy that appreciates all the little things she does for people.  He is the calm to her spaz. 🙂 He is the guy she trusts and the guy that won’t let her down.  He’s also the guy that keeps her in line when she needs it, and turns her to mush when he smiles ‘for real’ with his teeth.

Scott and Melissa’s wedding was on a Sunday and was my third wedding of that weekend.  I am so thankful that I developed such a great relationship with them before their wedding day because even though I was tired I was so excited for them that the whole day felt relaxed to me.  We had some MAJOR portrait time folks.  We did their first look at my friends’ property in Mountsberg (THANK YOU SO MUCH PICKLES FAMILY!), and hit up some random forests before arriving at Piper’s Heath Golf Club for the ceremony and reception.  I do believe that Piper’s Heath is my favourite golf course that I’ve ever shot at.  Probably because so much of it doesn’t look like a golf course haha.  There are barns, open grassy fields, ponds and a ton of really natural looking spots around the course which is a really nice option to have at a golf club.  The owners and staff are super chill.  I’m excited that I’ve booked another Piper’s Heath wedding for 2013!

So without further adieu, I am very proud to share Scott and Melissa’s photos with you.  Love you both.  And like I said, just cause you have your photos doesn’t mean our love relationship is over. 🙂 x0



  1. by Laura McKain on October 2, 2012  3:07 pm Reply

    Jayme, you are so AMAZING! Don't know if you remember me...we went to JRBC together, I was friends with Lara..I am now a photographer and your work is so inspiring! I love looking at your stuff and only hope that I can be as good as you one day!

    • by jayme on October 10, 2012  7:24 pm Reply

      Yes of course I remember you! Thanks so much for saying that, I really appreciate it. Isn't being a photographer the best job ever? :)

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