Spencer and Stephanie – Sunningdale Golf Club Wedding – London Wedding Photographer

Spencer and Stephanie’s grandparents lived on the same street when they were newlyweds, so their Dad’s grew up together.  On top of that, their cottages are beside each other so Spencer and Stephanie saw a lot of each other throughout their childhood and teenage years.  How cool would it be if you could see your future?  Stephanie and Spencer probably would have looked at each other and thought, I’m going to marry HIM/HER????  It wasn’t until they both began attending Western University that Stephanie decided Spencer was pretty cute.  Spencer thought she was cute too, but let’s be honest, Steph would have nabbed him regardless.  She is probably one of the most magnetic people I have ever met.  Beautiful, funny, kind, smart and a wee bit sassy…or maybe a lot sassy. 🙂  My kind of girl.  Spencer’s kind too.

When I arrived at Spencer’s place the morning of the wedding he was reading his bible and writing Steph a letter for her to read before the ceremony.  My kind of guy.  Steph’s kind too.  Cute, yes, nice, yes, smart, yes, but the kind of guy who makes sure that his bride gets a message from him on the morning of their wedding.  One that was full of honest words and powerful scripture.  I knew right away it was going to be a good day.

It’s difficult to describe how beautiful everything was.  So much fun and so many happy tears in perfect balance.  God’s presence was so strong, and Spencer and Stephanie thanked and praised Him in every single part of their day.  My photos captured what was seen on their wedding day, but I really hope that they captured a bit of was was heard and felt somehow too.  Spence, Steph, the wedding party, the Talbots and the MacDonalds – thank you for having me and for being so fabulous.  Much love to you all! xx

Be prepared to fall in love as you scroll down. 🙂

I barely ever post family photos, but I just love Steph’s family.  And no, Steph’s Mom is not Dr. Phil’s wife, nor is she Megan Mullally.  But she did give me two hand knit dish cloths.  After seeing her knit dish cloths in the kitchen, I told her that my favourite dishcloths are the ones my Grandma knit for me years ago before she went to be with Jesus.  So she gave me some of hers.  That kind of awesome.


  1. by Esther on January 2, 2013  9:59 pm Reply

    Would you happen to know where the bridesmaid dresses are from?

    • by jayme on January 7, 2013  5:09 pm Reply

      Hi Esther - they are Jim Hjelm style # JH5102. Champagne underneath, ivory tulle on top and blush sash!

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