Travis and Jess – Burlington Wedding Photographer – Engagement Photos In A Canoe

Travis and Jess’ engagement shoot was one of my very favourites for lots of reasons. I want to give a huge shout out to the Pickles family (who are friends of my family) for letting us come up to their property to take these photos.  Their home and the grounds around it are completely stunning and I can’t believe I didn’t think about asking them to shoot there before…duh!  I’m glad though, because Travis and Jess were perfect for this spot!  They are a lot like my husband and I in that we don’t really have a lot of things we ‘do’ together hobby wise, other than spending time hanging out, doing life, watching shows, drinking wine, etc., so doing photos in a canoe was quite an adventure for us all!  Jess and I are the most unlikely characters to enter a canoe (her in general…me with my camera gear) so the whole episode was quite hilarious!  Travis made an excellent master and commander of the canoe so both Jess and I remained safe and dry. They are just the absolute cutest ever.  Every time I asked Jess to look at the camera she did this little giggle.  Travis says that’s what she does when she’s nervous, but you’d never know because they both were so easy going and fun to photograph.  I could die over their canoe, her big floppy hat, their pinky hand hold, the wood pile, the sunset and everything else.  Sigh.  I hope you all enjoy!!!! xx

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