Matt and Katelyn – Brantford Golf and Country Club Wedding Photos – Brantford Wedding Photographer

Classic and elegant is how I would describe the ‘style’ of Matt and Katelyn’s wedding.  Everything Katelyn chose was timeless so 30 years from now when they’re looking back at their wedding photos they will love them just as much. Similarly, Katelyn’s parents house in Simcoe was full of original character and natural light…the perfect place for a bride to get ready in the morning.  I have a horrible memory, so when it comes time to post about a wedding I have to really think about what stands out in mind, and it may be a collection of random things!  Katelyn made a really lovely bride.  Gracious and calm on the outside, regardless of what might have been going on in her head.  I know she wasn’t sure about all the attention a bride gets on her wedding day, but she just carried herself perfectly all day long!  Matt’s sense of humour and personality really came out when he was surrounded by his friends and family…I didn’t know he was so funny!  His buddies had me and everyone else at the reception laughing pretty hard.  For some reason I remember is their MC introducing Katelyn’s Dad as the Sultan of Simcoe haha!  All in all, I really enjoyed taking their pictures and hearing what all of their friends and families had to say about them during speeches.  They are well loved that’s for sure.  So here it is, a small snapshot of their beautiful day.  Hope you enjoy!

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