Mark and Nicole – Weston Golf Club Wedding Photos – Mississauga Wedding Photographer

Welcome to Mark and Nicole’s wedding day everyone!  Every so often it strikes me as to how quickly you can get to know and love a couple by being a part of their wedding.  We did two engagement shoots together so it wasn’t like we didn’t know one another by the wedding day, but spending 12 hours with their best friends and their families makes a big difference.  I LOVED this wedding party (shout out ya’ll!), LOVE Nicole’s family (holla!), LOVED my table at the reception (sup peeps!) and they all really helped me to understand how fabulous Mark and Nicole really are.  So much so that I was ugly crying a bit behind my camera during a few speeches.  I decided that I do like Mark after all haha…he’s not as gruff as he first appears…and Nicole, like her Mama, is one of the most lovely people I’ve ever met.  What it comes down to is that I had a lot of fun at their wedding.  I think their guests would agree. 🙂  So here’s a snapshot of the big day through my lens…hope you enjoy. xx

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