Don and Betty – Art Gallery of Hamilton Wedding – Dundurn Castle Wedding Photos

When I met with Don and Betty the week before their wedding they expressed their (lighthearted) concerns about ‘not really knowing how to pose’ and ‘not wanting to look awkward’ in their wedding photos.  From the moment I arrived at Betty’s parents house I totally called Betty on her crap. 🙂  She knew exactly what to do with her body and face, and later when we took their portraits, her and Don required little to no direction.  They interacted beautifully and together with their awesome and hilarious videographer we created and captured some amazing moments.  Since their wedding few weeks ago Don’s beloved Nan passed away, so I was really happy that we were able to get a bunch of great shots of her for the family to cherish while they mourn her loss.  She was so sweet.  So with that I present to you my take on their big, beautiful day!  All the best to both of you xx.

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