Spencer and Stephanie – Downtown Oakville Engagement Photos – Oakville Wedding Photographer

I am super excited to be sharing Spencer and Stephanie’s engagement shoot with you as they are one of my very favourite 2012 couples!  They are my favourite because they’re not only very cute and very kind and very cool, but they’re partly my favourite because my heart hurts a little for them.  You see, Spence goes to smart guy school in the UK (or is it Ireland…I can’t remember) and Stephanie works in London (Ontario), so they have spent the bulk of their engagement and much time prior to that apart.  I don’t know why that makes me so sad, cause they’re coping just fine (although undoubtedly missing each other), but I can’t even be away from my husband for a week without being a total wreck!  It was like that for me from the very beginning too…I actually turned down my own study abroad in New Zealand which I had planned for a long time after only dating Jon for 2 months!  I was way too wussy.  Anyways, so I feel so sad when I see them write lovely posts back and forth to one another on Facebook, clearly missing each other to death.  BUT.  There is hope on the horizon.  Only 4 more weeks until they are reunited and a few short months until they are husband and wife.  I’m so happy for them.  ANYWAYSSSSSSSS….I loved doing their engagement photos over the Christmas break (and the day before Spence was due to go back overseas).  They are just the cutest period.  Hope you enjoy them as I do!  xx

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