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James and Frieda’s wedding was a beautiful way to end the 2011 season, as I love me a Christmastime wedding.  I was with them for 12 hours so I had a chance to experience the full day with them and learned a lot about some of the Chinese wedding traditions, including the beautiful tea ceremony and the hilarious game where the groom and his men have to pay off the bridesmaids in order for the groom to get to see his bride (not sure what it’s called).  I even received my very own lucky red envelope from Frieda’s father, so I felt very much a part of it all! 🙂  The Cathedral of Christ the King in Hamilton was probably the most beautiful church I’ve ever taken photos in, especially all decorated for Christmas!  Before heading to Otello’s in Hamilton for their reception, we went to the always classic Village Square in Burlington for chilly wedding portraits.  One may expect some grumpiness on the part the wedding party having to brave the cold for so long, but no, this particular wedding party was very focused on learning the choreography for their entrance ‘dance’, so there was no time to be cold. 🙂  And James was busy sweating over their first dance, so he kept warm too. 🙂  For being so ‘uncoordinated’, James did a beautiful job of leading his new wife on the dance floor.  I can’t express enough how warm and welcoming both of their families were and what a pleasure their wedding was to be a part of.  Blessings to the couple xx.

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