Mark and Nicole – Burlington Engagement Photography

I’ve taken photos in some unfavourable weather before but rarely have I ever had to bail altogether on a shoot.  Mark, Nicole and I considered postponing their engagement shoot because of weather…and almost did…but at the last minute decided to still go for it.  Although we only got about halfway through our time together before it REALLY, REALLY started pouring (so inevitably we had to postpone the remainder of the shoot), but I’m really glad we still got some shots.  I am definitely not opposed to shooting in the driving rain and dealing with all the camera issues that go along with that because the overcast sky produces tones that I love that you can’t quite get on a sunny day.  Nicole has great hair so even though it got progressively wetter as we kept on shooting, she still looked beautiful.  In fact, I think there’s something really raw and beautiful about raindrops, drenched hair and clothes, and stoic chilly looking faces. It certainly made them pretty snuggly with one another because it was FREEZING.  Mark was not overly impressed…haha…but he toughed it out, and I think his broody, moody demeanour worked.  I’ll be doing a mini re-shoot with them this spring before their wedding so stay tuned for that.  Anyway, here are some of my favourite snaps from our mini shoot…hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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