James and Frieda – Oakville Engagement Photography – Oakville Wedding Photographer

James and Frieda (much like the previous couple I posted) are city slickers.  Suburban city slickers, but slickers none the less who love modern architecture and things that are clean (haha).  We split our time shooting downtown Oakville and downtown Burlington to capture the kind of vibe they were looking for.  The rain even held off long enough for us to get some shots of the tiny dancer in her point shoes.  (Ouch….I’m not sure how she does it).  I’m so excited to be shooting their wedding on December 30th as it will be a fabulous way to finish off 2011 and my first post baby wedding (who is still not here by the way).  Knowing that I will have a 6 week old when they tie the knot, they’ve welcomed my hubby and baby to come to the wedding as guests which has reduced my day of stress from a possible 10 to the usual 0.  (Thanks again!)  I loved getting to know these two better and look forward to being with them and their families for a whole day…which will no doubt be a stunning combination of classic elegance and Chinese tradition.  Can’t wait!

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