Brian and Sara – Toronto Engagement Photography – Toronto Wedding Photographer

Brian and Sara are working professionals in Toronto and when we first met to discuss photography, they knew one thing for sure – that they did not want vintagy looking washed out photos taken in a field with flowers.  Not that they have anything against that, but their lifestyles and personalities are very much urban and they wanted both their engagement and wedding photos to reflect that.  I love me a pretty field or a beach but I love urbanscapes just as much so I was thrilled to meet them at their place in Toronto to do their e-shoot.  We wandered no further than 3 blocks from their house and used the pubs they drink at, the restaurant they got engaged at and the galleries they visit as our backdrops.  I think when they look back at their engagement photos one day when they’re old they will be able to actually FEEL how their life was in the context of their neighbourhood an everyday lives.  I love that.  I’m very much looking forward to what next June has in store for us!

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