Mike and Lex – Ancaster Wedding Photographer – Tamahaac Club Wedding Photos

Mike and Lex won a lot of JVG awards this year.  What is a JVG award you ask?  It’s an award I just made up right now that people receive for being great and doing cool things.  They won 2011 JVG awards for best officiant and biggest wedding party.  Lex also got a special 2011 JVG award for best dress bodice – I loved her angular take on the sweetheart neckline a la Monique Lhuillier.  In all seriousness Mike and Lex are without a doubt one of my favourite couples of all time.  I also had the pleasure of shooting their special day at one of my favourite venues, the Tamahaac Club in Ancaster, but I got a slightly different experience than when I shot there last summer because they did a tented reception on the grounds (it lived up to my expectations!).  Brides to be should be warned however not to fall in love with this venue because you need a member sponsor you to have your wedding there…sorry!    Despite the fact that Mike has played hocked his whole life I won’t hold that against him…he is a genuinely good guy with an awesome sense of humour.  Lex is much like myself in the fact that she bros down well with the dudes, but still appreciates all things fashionable and feminine.  I just like them I guess.  Anyway, their wedding was spectacular and I had so much fun laughing along with them, their friends and family at all the HYSTERICAL speeches, chalk full of jokes at their expense.  Mike and Lex’s day was the perfect way to finish off my extremely busy summer because their wedding was just a big party and the two of them are awesome.  To the couple – that’s all the compliments you get in one sitting.  I hope everyone enjoys the photos as I do!  xx


  1. by Joe Lindo on November 9, 2011  2:38 pm Reply

    Very nice! Some unique shots and certainly a different perspective from most wedding photos. Very refreshing and artistic! Good work!!!!!

  2. by janet caron on November 10, 2011  2:31 am Reply

    These are the most beautiful picutres I've ever seen. Took my breath away, creative, innovative, fully captured the feeling/mood of the day and the feelings of the people there. An amazing photographer who indeed has "an eye". Fabulous!

  3. by Carol Beall on November 10, 2011  2:23 pm Reply

    What a beautiful couple! Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!! Awesome wedding pictures! Absolutely Spectacular!! This is without a doubt the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen! (and the argyle socks are so funny!!)

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