Russell and Lauren – Brantford Wedding Photography – Brantford Wedding Photographer

Russell and Lauren were lucky enough to be able to have their wedding at Lauren’s parents house in the Brantford area.  Russ and his then soon-t0-be father in law spent a lot of long hard hours building a gorgeous staircase down the back of their property to that guests could easily get down to where they had their ceremony overlooking the Grand River.  It was really pretty.  Those who follow my work might remember me saying how much I loved doing their e-shoot because they have such a cool style and are really effortless with each other.   Of course their wedding was styled beautifully…kind of wildflowers meets bow ties if that makes sense.  I loved how all the girls wore a light coloured dress of their choosing – they looked really cute.  Also, I’m quite proud to say that I only teared up about 5 times the whole day which isn’t bad considering my pregnant state and how many sweet moments there were.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy and to the lovely couple, all the very best!!!  xx

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