Paul and Laura – Port Lambton Wedding Photography – The Armoury Chatham Wedding

Paul and Laura got married on the very best day in August, the 20th, which also happened to be my 6th anniversary.  So to celebrate I took a road trip to a little known place called Port Lambton to shoot their wedding.  I love road trips and have a lot of fond road trip memories so in all honesty it was a nice anniversary treat for me to take the drive.  I spent a lot of time in Saskatchewan growing up and once I got in the Port Lambton area it felt kind of similar.  Farmers waving at you when you drive past them.  Girls driving F150s.  The whole deal.  So I loved it there, and I when I arrived at Laura’s house I was greeted by her family with the same warmth as you find in the prairies.  In addition to their warmth, Paul and Laura are soooooo super chill, which I absolutely adore about them and made their day so easy breezy to shoot.  There was a little mishap with the programs for the ceremony (in that they went missing) and the couple just shrugged it off and went with the flow despite the fact that their guests had no words to the hymns they had chosen to sing.  I shrugged it off too, but only because they chose to sing only the first verse of one hymn which happens to be one of my favourites, and that we sung at our wedding, so I knew all the words. 🙂  The styling for the day was classic with a hint of vintage and their reception location – the Armoury in Chatham – complemented the vibe perfectly.  It was actually really cool in there and would totally recommend it to the one person in the Chatham area who might be reading this blog one day! 🙂  My love and best wishes to the couple!  xx

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  1. by Steph on November 9, 2011  2:32 pm Reply

    Stunning! Beautiful people.. beautifully captured!!

    S. Denys

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