Brian and Rebecca – Burlington Lakeshore Engagement Photography

Ok, everybody get settled because this is going to be a long rant.  Long time friends deserve long blog posts I think, no?  Those of you who know me know that shortly after I graduated high school I packed up and moved all by myself to New Zealand to attend Capernwray Bible School.  Kind of a big deal when you’re 18 and you don’t know anyone.  Much to my delight Rebecca was on a similar journey was one of my 3 roommates when I arrived and we’ve been the bestest of pals ever since.  After NZ I even stalked Rebecca all the way to the University of Guelph where we lived together for 2 of our 4 years there.  So needless to say we’ve watched each other really grow up, become adults, decide what we’re doing with our lives, etc.  I remember long talks over red wine (mmm wine I miss you) about how Rebecca would NEVER marry a pastor and I would NEVER marry a musician.  Hmm…guess we were both wrong (just to clarify though, my hubby is a realtor now).  Anyway…as thrilled as I am to have shot their engagement photos, I am more thrilled to be putting down my camera so I can stand up with Beck and Brian on their wedding day! (next week Friday in fact – which is why I figured I should finally post these).  So enough about that, now onto Brian who has been dating Rebecca for what seems like forever (to me) and they’re FINALLY tying the knot.  Brian is a stellar guy, one who is both deserving of Beck as well as one who can keep with and tone down her wit, sarcasm and hyper overachievement. 🙂  Rebecca is such a spaz that she postponed our engagement shoot approximately 50 times to ensure that the cherry blossoms were perfectly in bloom for the photos.  It actually worked out nicely in the end because Jonny joined us for the shoot and we had a nice little dinner by the lake afterward.  I think I’ll ask Jonny to come on more photoshoots, he makes people laugh cause he’s so stupid. 🙂  Sooooooooo without further adieu, here are my favorite shots from Brian and Beck’s sunset cherry blossom picnic on the lake.

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