Dave and Kady – Simcoe Wedding Photography – Hamilton Wedding Photography

Dave and Kady got married (finally 🙂 ) this past August at Kady’s parents property in the Simcoe area.  When I pulled up to their place I was like…wow.  They yard looked amazing with the gardens, the pond, the big trees, the old rail tie pergola with the outdoor living space, etc.  I loved it.  I actually think that they should advertise their property as a wedding venue in the future – tons of people would pay big buckeroos for something like that.  After I drooled over the property a little bit I went inside to find Kady looking like something out of a magazine.  This gal who goes camping and sports hoodies can sure pull off the opposite too.  Their ceremony was performed by Dave’s Dad and they had nieces and nephews popping up all over the place too – quite the family affair.  (Little did I know the gathering at the ceremony was actually small compared to the number of people expected to attend the reception later in the evening!)  The icing on the cake for me was their outgoing wedding party who helped make picture time fun, even though everyone was sweating to death…thanks to you all!  After spending a good chunk of day out in Simcoe, we all travelled back to Hamilton to Liuna Station for their reception.  It was actually the first wedding I shot at the station and the grand ballroom is definitely GRAND…perfect for their large ensemble of over 300 guests.  And once again at the end of the evening my party lens came out and I got some hilare pictures of people dancing up a storm.  Love that lens.  Anyway, to the lovely couple, thanks for letting me share your day with you, keeping me hydrated, feeding me delicious food and overall making me feel like an invited guest as well as your photographer.  You da best xx.

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