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Phil are Rhoda are two of my favourite clients ever.  They booked me almost two years ago and today when I gave Rhoda her discs (over 1200 photos!) I was a little sad because she officially isn’t my client anymore, which I’ve gotten quite used to.  But it’s ok.  Phil and Rhoda have become good friends over the years so I’ll be seeing them again soon for sure (in fact, Rhoda was at my baby shower today!).  I am also indebted to them because I’ve had quite a few clients book with me based solely on how much they loved their engagement photos.   Rhoda is stunning and let me take lots of bridal portraits of her, but before you all go jump off a bridge I must mention that she is only 19 and about 100lbs soaking wet.  We would all look that good if we were 19 and 100lbs, right?  For those wanting something similar for their wedding (as in a million portrait shots) to achieve this you must do what Phil and Rhoda did – book me for 12 hours, leave 5 hours for the official photo taking time, and you must like photos and be chill enough on your wedding day to really enjoy having photos taken.  I also let Phil be in some of the photos. 🙂  Anyway, we had a grand old time floating around the Branford area taking pictures all willy nilly and I think the end result is really cool…just like Rhoda and Phil.  So to the couple, I need not say anything, you know I love you.  To everyone else, I hope you enjoy!  xx

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