Scott and Melissa – Burlington Ontario Engagement Photos – Burlington Ontario Wedding Photographer

Remember that day back in August when a tornado touched down between Cambridge and Burlington and winds were clocked on Burlington beach at 170km/hour?  About half an hour before those wind speeds were recorded, Scott, Melissa and I were on that very beach and we narrowly escaped with our lives! 🙂 The weather conditions that afternoon gave us major lighting variety in a short period of time which was super cool because Scott and Melissa appreciate all different styles of photos and wanted to capture a lot.  So despite my huge fear of tornados we travelled around to some of Scott and Melissa’s favorite types of ‘backdrops’.  We started out at Mount Nemo (where my hubby and I had our engagement photos done many moons ago) and ended up at the good old beach.   Like a lot of couples Scott and Melissa were a little uncertain about being photographed at first.  But also like most couples, that went out the window after about 5 minutes of shooting.  This is one of the many reasons I HIGHLY recommend engagement shoots.  In addition to getting cool photographs of yourselves in non-wedding garb, it really is a chance for me to get a better understanding of how you interact with each other and for my clients to take a test drive in front of the lens.  All prior to the wedding day.  Anyway, here are a few snaps from the shoot and I hope you like them!

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